The Regional Unit of Rhodope belongs to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and lies between the prefectures of Evros and Xanthi. It extends from the Greek-Bulgarian border to the shores of the Thracian Sea. The eastern part of Rhodope mountains is located at the northern part of the prefecture while a part of Ismaros mountain can be seen at the southeast. The rest of the land is flat and thus suitable for agriculture. In the southern part of the prefecture there are many lagoons with immense ecological importance. The northern part of Rhodope is full of forests and a wide variety of plants. The local economy is based on agriculture and not so much on fishing and farming. Since most facilities are located in Komotini city and the coast of the prefecture, the overall tourism development of the regional unit is limited. As a visitor you will enjoy the calm and hospitable environment of great beauty. Also, it is worth exploring the hinterland and particularly the mountainous regions where you can see the traditional villages with their stone-built houses.

Komotini is the commercial, administrative and cultural center of the region and the headquarters of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace regions. It is located in the northern/ central plains of Rhodope at an altitude of 36-48 m. from the sea. Komotini is a multicultural city. The population is multilingual and consists of local Greeks descendants of refugees from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace, minority Greeks (those speaking Turkish, Pomaks and Roms) and descendants of Armenian refugees. Mosques coexist with Orthodox churches and the voice of the imam from the top of the minaret is spread throughout the city. The element of multiculturalism and the coexistence of the two religions is apparent in every day life as well as in the local cuisine which always fascinates the travelers.

Rhodope is easily accessible via Egnatia Road and through the railway network OSE. It is also accessible by Alexandroupolis (67 km) and Kavala (82 km) airports and the ports of the same cities. The neighboring port of Porto Lagos (30 km) only works with the small commercial motor ships.